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Become a Conauta and share the love for your city, your town, your profession or the passion for what you like to do in your free time, with travellers looking to live unique experiences from the hand of people who are able to take traditional tourism to the next level.

Earn money while doing what you like best. Design each experience hand by hand with each traveller. Be creative, passionate, enjoy and have fun. Share photos and videos that represent who you are and what you offer.


restless soul

Search by destination and interests, view Conauta profiles and keep them in your wish lists or get in touch with them. Chat directly from the app to create the perfect trip together for you.

Once planned and booked, the experience is automatically saved in the itinerary of your trip.

Meet hidden places, shops, restaurants and unique corners. Find the best hiking trails, learn skydiving, see surfing and do yoga with locals. With conauta the possibilities are endless. And when you do not know what you feel like doing, let yourself be surprised.

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Conauta takes all you love about traveling in a legit social way. The result is a one-of-a-kind adventure in creation and discovery.

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